Are We There Yet? Where Technological Innovation is Leading Research

The Association for Survey Computing is pleased to announce that it will be hosting its seventh International Conference on Survey and Statistical Computing at the University of Winchester on the 8th and 9th September 2016.
Our industry is in the midst of seismic shifts. Not only is the basic definition of “Survey Research” under scrutiny, but many of the traditional tools and techniques are under pressure to deliver better insights, more quickly and at lower cost. Some might say it has always been so. Yet there is a real sense that the pace of change now has increased, and we find ourselves dealing with ever increasing volumes of data and data that we are not so familiar with.
This conference will explore the many critical issues for statistical and survey computing amidst this change, examining technical developments, practical responses in the form of case studies, and discussions around emerging best practices. In common with all of our previous International Conferences, all papers from the event will be published in the Conference Proceedings, to be published later in 2016.