ASC Online Series: Statistics vs. Machine Learning

This session is now available to all!

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The ASC’s online conference series are pre-recorded sessions, available to everyone, designed to share knowledge during this time.

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We’re very grateful to Jarlath Quinn of Smart Vision Europe for creating an encore to his Statistics vs Machine Learning presentation, which sparked so much conversation at the ASC conference in November 2018.  More info below…

Event Schedule

Jarlath Quinn updates his November 2018 presentation to share why Machine Learning is (still) hot.  Including…

  • How did we get here?
  • The two cultures: Techniques and Terms.
  • What do these approaches look like?
  • Why machine Learning matters.
  • Why statistics still matters.
  • What can we expect in the future?

This session is free to all via our YouTube channel.  A topic to inspire conversation, well worth a watch!


Location: Hall 1, Building A , Golden Street , Southafrica