ASC Online Series: Text Networking Analysis

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This double-bill session explores the growing field of text-networking analysis in relation to survey data and Market Research.  Dmitry Paranyushkin (founder of Nodus Labs) focusses on technological knowledge share, and Ruva Mankola (Breaking Blue), provides a consultants eye-view on practical application.  More info below…

Event Schedule

Dmitry Paranyushkin (founder of Nodus Labs) showcases the technological side of using of text networking for analysing a market niche.  Exploring how technology can be used to understand a market better and to discover the gaps.

Location: Hall 1, Building A , Golden Street , Southafrica

Ruva Mankola (Breaking Blue) provides a consultants’ view of applying the technique within Market Research projects.  Sharing a case study on the topic – Actionable insights from text analytics: a researcher’s eye view.  Professional experience and practical tips on how to engage clients with Text Networking Analysis.

Location: Hall 1, Building A , Golden Street , Southafrica