2020 Conference: Bridging The Gap – Call For Presentations

Building Bridges: Connecting survey data to the wider world

Our May 2020 conference will be looking at how people are providing greater insight by using non-survey data to contextualise the information captured in surveys and vice versa. We also wish to explore the increasing inter-connectivity between survey platforms/data and the wider world.

We are looking for practitioners to give presentations about their work. We are interested in the topics listed below but please don’t let this limit your thinking:

  • Use Cases and Methods for analysing transactional and other non-survey data alongside survey data
  • Real-time analysis of activities and events
  • Data feeds from multiple sources and the processes required to capture them
  • Solutions to presenting complex data from multiple sources
  • Connecting survey platforms to the wider-world of enterprise platforms
  • Innovative ways of using MRP or machine learning with open-data to generalise survey results at more granular levels
  • Techniques in consolidating broken up surveys to avoid interview fatigue

Synopses should be between 250 and 500 words in length, and sent by email to Christine Jenkins, ASC Administrator admin@asc.org.uk to arrive no later than Monday 20th January 2020.

Please visit the  Guidance for Presenters Page  and download our synopsis form.

If you have any further queries please email Christine Jenkins, ASC Administrator admin@asc.org.uk

ASC conferences are part of the Market Research Society’s CPD programme (find out more here).  All ASC conference attendees are eligible for 6 MRS CPD hours.