Critical Reflections on Methodology and Technology: Gamification, Text Analysis and Data Visualisation

ASC 2013 Making Sense of New Research Technologies

A residential conference at the University of Winchester, Friday 6th and Saturday 7th September 2013
About the event
Three themed sessions of papers introduced by our three keynote speakers. The conference explored recent developments, current thinking and best practices in each of these increasingly important, technologically-inspired areas of research practice. It aims to provide, though critical reflection, a frame of reference as well as applied learning in these subjects at the time when they are making the transition from novel and innovative methods to being an essential part of each research organisation’s repertoire.

Speakers each offered their own practical insights from the sphere of market research, public and social and academic research. Papers will be published in the conference proceedings which will be available after the event, in late 2013.

Data Visualisation: “Storytelling by numbers” – Tobias Sturt and Adam Frost, The Guardian Digital Agency
Text analysis: “Machine Learning and Automatic Text Classification: What’s Next?” – Fabrizio Sebastiani, National Council of Research, Italy
Gamification: “Rewarding the Truth” – Jon Puleston, GMI Interactive