Nov 17th Conference – Call for Speakers

Call for Speakers! Please submit your proposal to speak here.

Our next ASC Conference we’ll be held at The Oval, in London, on November 17th.  We’re looking for submissions around, what we see as, 4 key areas for the future of our sector i.e. Integration, Engagement, Respondents, and The Metaverse.  More detail on each topic is below.

Deadline for submissions is Monday August 22nd 2022. Speaker slots are 20mins talking & 5mins Q&A.  This conference will be in-person at The Oval in London, and also live-streamed to an international audience. Contact with any other questions.

Please submit your proposal to speak here.

  1. Integrate, Embed, Contextualise.
    • The fusion of feedback data and behaviour data.
    • Incorporating 3rd party tools into survey platforms.
    • Non-researchers using surveys as part of their workflow.
    • Feedback tools placed within the user’s context, social, purchasing etc.
  2. New Ways of Engaging.
    • Advances in conversational surveys.  Text-based, brand mapping etc.
    • Digital humans!  Feedback Avatars.
    • Voice-based surveying, Audio recognition.
    • Hybrid activity
  3. The Respondent Focus.
    • Respondent safety and value in the new world.
    • Diversity, inclusion, & discrimination with emerging tech.  Data collection, panel selection, AI analysis etc.
    • Respondent-less surveys.
  4. Surveys and The Metaverse!
    • What is The Metaverse, and where is it headed?
    • Can / will surveys & feedback exist in this space?
    • What implications could it have for our profession, practice and Standards?
    • Privacy, investment, commercial implications.
    • Are you developing operations in this space?