Supporting our friends & colleagues in Australia

Please see the below information from AMSRS CEO Elissa Molloy regarding Australia’s fires.  Some very helpful advice for all researchers on affected areas, resource links, best practice and how we can help or get help…

Summer in Australia 2019/2020 has been unprecedented. We have seen catastrophic fires, loss of lives – both human and non-human, the destruction of our precious environment and unique flora and fauna on a massive scale. The full repercussions of the fires will be felt across our nation, within our communities, for some time to come.

At AMSRS our thoughts are with all affected by the events of this summer. We hope those who work within our profession and beyond are safe.

We’ve put together a list of sites to help you support and donate to those affected by the fires, to personally deal with the impact of what is unfolding, and to ensure your business is aware of those areas have been affected by the fires.

When conducting surveys of any kind, we urge you to be aware of the possible impact that the bushfires have had and avoid affected areas where possible.

Postcode areas impacted by the fires

Support the people affected

Support the firefighters

Support the wildlife

Support your friends, your community, yourself


Please take care during this difficult time.

Elissa Molloy