Tackling Data Overload: Making sense of complex multi-source data

Managing big data • Data integration • Data visualisation

We are in the midst of a fundamental change to our concept of “research data”. We still have our nice, clean, curated survey data, but are now awash with all sorts of other material, like picture and video data as well as great rafts of text. These data are big, fast moving, dirty, often of questionable provenance, and of a nature that we are not so used to dealing with.

In our one day conference, we’ll be looking at different aspects of how we are getting to grips with the many challenges and the opportunities thrown up by this data revolution. We’ll hear from speakers who are working on gathering and organising this data, combining and merging disparate data sources and those trying to use visual metaphors to help explain what is going on in large, complex, multi-source datasets.

Covering the complete life-cycle of “new data”, this conference will give you a broad overview of the many fascinating tools and techniques being developed and will look at some case studies of the many complexities that arise.

(Website in development – papers & presentations to be uploaded soon!)