Think Opportunity! Smart Research Technology for Cost-Conscious Times

Since 2008, the economic downturn has had a profound effect on the economy. Businesses and organisations have been forced to re-evaluate budgets and approaches in the face of falling investment and shrinking demand. At the same time, clients and stakeholders are still demanding at least the same levels of service as before. The ASC’s next one-day conference will examine the challenges which these changed economic circumstances have created and the strategic role played by survey technology in meeting them.

Questions to be addressed included:

  • How can efficiency savings be achieved through new or better use of technology?
  • Can increased automation in research bring reductions to cost and time, without compromising quality?
  • What are the practical experiences of using server virtualisation and cloud computing as a means to reduce the cost of ownership of research technology?
  • What developments in methodology can deliver better value to the research buyer?
  • Are methodologies changing as a consequence of these more austere times?
  • Is more data collection shifting online or to mobile?
  • Is the continued downturn affecting response, or are more people completing surveys in order to receive incentives?
  • Is more or less being invested into research ahead of advertising and PR campaigns?
  • Is the downturn an opportunity to sell more research?
  • Are surveys becoming shorter and more focused in order to reduce costs?

(Website in development – papers & presentations to be uploaded soon!)