About the ASC

The Association for Survey Computing specialises in conferences and events that bring research, technology & statistics together.   We are a long-standing association, contributing to the industry for over 35 years.

The committee is made up of 14 industry professionals all of whom volunteer their time.  Current ASC committee members can be viewed here.

Our programme of events, and other activities which support our industry, are made possible by the generosity of our sponsors.

The ASC is focused on knowledge share and improving the diversity of our discussion.

Further information is below and throughout our website.  A history of the ASC, will be available soon.


  • The ASC is focused on peer-to-peer knowledge share and improving the diversity of our discussion.
  • We offer two 1-day conferences a year (usually May & November) and try to keep the financial barrier to entry as low as possible.
  • ASC conferences are part of the Market Research Society’s CPD programme.  All attendees are eligible for 6 MRS CPD hours.
  • Although we pivot around survey data, our overall interests stretch much further.
  • Our upcoming conference Building Bridges: Connecting survey data to the wider world is a great example of the ASC facilitating discussion around innovation, connectivity, and the development of MR’s position at the heart of businesses intelligence.
  • We’re also planning a 2-day international conference in 2022.

Other events:

  • As well as conferences, we organise evening meetups including; quizzes, industry debates and Room 101 style events.

The ASC award

  • The ASC/MRS Award for Technology Innovation and Effectiveness international award, first presented in 2003, is organised by the ASC in association with the MRS.
  • This annual award is for outstanding and innovative applications of software or technology which have directly contributed to a demonstrable improvement in the effectiveness of market, opinion or social research.
  • Recent winners include:
    • Measure Protocol (2019) – Blockchain-powered marketplace for person-based data.
    • Kynetec (2018) – MyKynetec™, the online content delivery platform.
    • Lightspeed (2017) – QuestionArts Suite of Intelligent Survey Design

Other activity:

The ASC offers a platform for networking and knowledge share across the industry, for example:

TSAPI -a new standard for survey data transfer:

  • The ASC is currently facilitating collaboration among interested parties who wish to develop a new standard for survey data transfer.
  • The aim is to create a standard relevant to a world which is increasingly defined by inter-connectivity across all platforms and devices.

Overall objective are:

  1. Help preserve & develop MR’s position at the heart of businesses intelligence.
  2. Help improve connectivity within the MR industry.
  3. Help facilitate innovation within the MR industry.
  4. Help ease the connection of MR insights & value to other sectors.

If you wish to be involved in any of the above, please share your details and we’ll be in touch.