The ASC’s Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Everybody is welcome at the ASC.

If you feel you have been treated unfairly because of who you are, or because of who the people in your life are, please let us know.   The ASC’s primary contact is Christine Jenkins but please feel free to communicate with any of the below key contacts if you prefer.


About this document

This document outlines the ASC’s Diversity and Inclusion policy.  This relates to all ASC activity such as but not limited to; holding meetings, conferences, exhibitions, or other events, issuing publications of any kind, funding educational, research or other development projects, or any other way that a general meeting or the Executive Committee shall consider achieves the principal objectives of ASC.

It may be updated from time to time, considering new information and best practice.

The policy relates directly to the ASC’s constitution.  The Principal Objective of promoting the highest standards of professionalism [2.1], and the appointment of specific officers as necessary [3.1].


About the ASC

The Association for Survey Computing specialises in conferences and events that bring research, technology & statistics together.   We are a long-standing voluntary association, contributing to the industry for over 35 years.

We recognise the importance of Diversity and Inclusion. We are committed to acting in accordance with this policy and best practice.

This policy is informed by the UK’s Equality Act 2010.  The ASC recognises the Protected Characteristics of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, nationality, colour, region, religion or belief, sex, and sexual orientation.


ASC Officers and Key Contacts:

The ASC has a Diversity & Inclusion Officer.  As well as being a key point of contact, the general guidance for this role is to reach out, help raise awareness, and welcome everyone into the ASC.

ASC Diversity & Inclusion Officer: Bethan Blakeley

ASC Administrator: Christine Jenkins

ASC Chair: Pete Wills

ASC Vice Chair Matt Gibbs


ASC Conference – Speakers

Our primary activity is organising conferences and events.

All speakers and executive committee organisers are volunteers.

ASC conferences & events are topic-specific and smaller scale. The ASC’s Principal Objectives are to promote the study of, and disseminate knowledge about, all aspects of the use of information technology in the management and analysis of social and market research surveys and any related field, and to promote the highest standards of professionalism amongst those engaged in its practice.

The quality of our speakers’ content defines the ASC.

The ASC understands representation is important and is committed to encouraging Diversity & Inclusion in our speaker lists.  This includes, but is not limited to, signing up to WIRe’s 50/50 conference initiative.

The ASC call-for-speakers includes promotion via our email database, social media channels and word of mouth.  Beyond this, committee members proactively connect and engage with potential speakers from diverse backgrounds to encourage and welcome submissions.

Final selection of speaker submissions is defined by the event sub-committee, and primarily based on the quality of submission and relevance to the conference topic.


ASC Conference – Event Attendees

The ASC wants everyone to feel welcome at our events, and when joining the discussion in-person or online.  If you feel you have been treated unfairly by the ASC, by any of our Speakers, Delegates or anyone else associated with the ASC, because of who you are, or because of people who are in your life are, please let us know.

The ASC proactively encourages attendance from a diverse audience.  Beyond the point of principal, we wish to grow the association.  We also understand that encouraging diversity and inclusion among event attendees enriches our discussions.

The general guidance for the ASC’s Diversity & Inclusion Officer is to reach out, help raise awareness, and welcome everyone into the ASC.  These activities are supported by Committee members.

The ASC is regarded as an important channel for reaching out beyond the traditional.  We reach beyond our email database via social media, professional contacts, and word-of-mouth.

Everybody’s Welcome.  Please come and join the discussion.

This policy was last updated on: 8th April 2021