ASC Triple-30 Offer

The ASC Triple-30 is an offer of: 30 conference tickets, for £30 each, to people 30 years or under.

The next ASC conference theme is (re)Building Bridges, it will be held at the Oval on the 11th Nov 2021.  Info here.  Full ticket fee is £189.00 (discounts are available).  Recipients of the ASC Triple-30 offer will receive a full ticket for just £30.

Why are we offering the Triple-30?

  • Firstly, the ASC has always been keen to reach out beyond the traditional, and it’s in that spirit which the Triple-30 has been formed.
  • Further, we acknowledge that younger generations have sacrificed many things during covid-19 restrictions, helping to keep older generations safer.  Our Triple-30 offer is one relatively small way for the ASC to say thank you.  Please see below that all conference attendees qualify for 6 MRS CPD credits

If you would like a ticket, please complete this form and secure your place!

Everybody’s Welcome at the ASC.  Our Diversity & Inclusion Policy is here.

ASC conferences are part of the Market Research Society’s CPD programme (find out more here).  All ASC conference attendees are eligible for 6 MRS CPD hours.

If you have queries please contact